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About Us

We, Pegasus Florist are an online revolutionary florist that specialize in the naturally dried lavender. 

We aim to change the common perception of the public towards the conventional flower industry. 

In other words, you and your loved ones deserve products that are creatively wonderful without burning a hole in your pocket!


Our vision, mission and tagline are as following,

  • Vision: To bring creatively wonderful moment to our customer
  • Mission: To create wonderful floral products with highflying imagination
  • Tagline: Creatively Wonderful!


Products in store:

1. Lavender Bunch

2. Lavender Bouquet

3. Lavender Bridal

4. Lavender Arrangement

5. 3D Lavender Frame

6. Lavender Scented Bag

7. Lavender Accessories

8. Unique Greeting Card