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Lavender Bouquet Gift Box + S.A.M. Unique Greeting Card

RM 109.00

This combo consists of:

1) Lavender Bouquet Gift Box x 1

Choose the type of Lavender Bouquet you like & click below for more information.

(Lavender Bouquet Gift Box/ Lavender Bouquet Gift Box-Golden Everlasting)

2) S.A.M. unique greeting card x 1

Please click here for more information.

Optional Add On:

1. Personalised Love Tag (to be tied on bouquet)

  • Hand crafted & wooden type
  • Size: ≈ 6cm
  • Best for putting names (up to 2 names & 4 words only)
  • E.g.: James & Lily, Wong & Joseph, Lee & Kong, Hui Wen & John, 秋琳 志良
  • Please fill up in the “Remark” column upon checkout

2. BB Love Bear  (to be inserted into bouquet)

  • Size: ≈ 8cm (height) x ≈ 5cm (length)